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Children enjoy accessorizing as much as adults, so it is only fitting and understandable that you have decided to surprise your little one with one of our special jewelry gifts!

For an ideal fit, we recommend this piece of jewelry be worn by children 8 years old and older. (Children under the age of 3 should wear our jewelry but only while under the close supervision of an adult since small items can break or become disassembled, thus posing a choking hazard.)

In order to ensure the long-lasting quality of our jewelry, it is important to consider that it is not entirely resistant to light scratches or other forms of damage which can occasionally occur when kids are playing about and crawling around. However, every piece of our jewelry is 100% nickel-free, as they are made out of only fine quality silver and gold alloys.




Jewelry by ITALIAN FASHIONS is made mostly out of pure Sterling Silver that has been carefully treated with an innovative SILVER PLUS passivation treatment. As a matter of fact, accelerated lab tests which effectively recreate a variety of realistic conditions have revealed that silver treated with “SILVER+ “ can last up to 50X longer than non-treated silver metal!

The unique treating process helps the jewelry maintain an elegant shine and an unmatched brilliance without affecting the color. In fact, this type of silver is considered one of the most beautiful and most lustrous metals available, and proper care is what it takes to retain its beauty and luster for generations to come. 

Responsible jewelry owners should make it a point to follow these 3 rules:


  1. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry pieces should NOT ever be worn when working around the house, gardening, bathing the kids, swimming (in either salty beach water or chlorinated pool water) or taking part in any athletic activities.
  2. Your jewelry should always be removed when getting ready for bed, before laying down for a nap and prior to jumping in the shower.
  3. Beauty products, such as perfumes, body oils, and hairsprays, can tarnish silver and minimize the polished sheen of our jewelry. This is why you should apply perfume, hairsprays, and other spray cosmetics before you put your jewelry on.



Soap, lotion and makeup buildup can easily be eliminated from our jewelry with the use of a small ultrasound device, purified water, and a gentle, non-aggressive cleaning agent.

If you choose to use a commercial grade silver dipping bath, please only use ones specifically labeled for SILVER jewelry. (Translation: Never use dipping baths for silver cutlery or gold jewelry! These can damage your silver jewelry.)

To bathe: Fully submerge the jewelry in the solution for about 10-20 seconds, remove it and then thoroughly rinse under warm running water. Let the jewelry drip dry for a minute and then wipe it down with a dry cleaning cloth.

Never use silver dipping baths or silver cloths on blackened jewelry because these cleaning supplies may diminish the blackening. Also, you should only clean the SILVER metal components of leather, rubber and silk cords with a soft jewelry cloth. DO NOT ever place leather or silk corded pieces in a silver jewelry dipping bath or clean it using an ultrasound device.




The jewelry provided by ITALIAN FASHIONS has been crafted out of solid .925 sterling silver and pieces that have been plated in 18 karat yellow gold or 18 karat rose gold. As with all fine jewelry, minor traces of wear can become visible even after a brief period of time, and this does not necessarily indicate that the material is flawed. Also, please take into consideration that signs of wear and tear (e.g. scratches and dings) are usually more evident on items that feature large metal surfaces.

To properly care for your silver jewelry, store it in a clean, cool and dry place. Please do not store your jewelry in humid, sunny or hot areas since these conditions can cause fine quality metals to become discolored, tarnished and dull.

Our plastic storage bags have been developed to protect jewelry from abrasions and designed to prevent tarnishing. Remember to remove jewelry when engaging in any physically strenuous activity and when heading to bed. Since skincare and haircare products, such as creams, perfumes and body sprays, can compromise the beauty of sterling silver, we highly advise you apply cosmetic products before you put on your jewelry. If your jewelry happens to tarnish a bit, simply replenish the shine by gently hand-polishing each piece using a silver cleaning cloth. (Abrasions are nearly impossible to avoid during the reconditioning or polishing process, so existing engravings, scratches or scrapes could become weakened or brittle.)