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About US


Although we have been in business for more than 25 years, ITALIAN FASHIONS began as a small family company, founded on the principles of values, faith, admiration and honesty for internal and external communications. 

 Despite our progress, the company has maintained those principles, which has led to its extensive growth and success.

 ITALIAN FASHIONS offers its customers classy jewelry designs at affordable prices. Our company’s product lines include both contemporary and classic designs that fit into any occasion and are ideal for any age or ethnicity.

 Our primary mission is to make sure our customers are seen as successful. We have to make an impact on our own employees and staff to have an effect on the community we are in and the customers we serve. We endeavor to make a difference in the lives to all we serve – that’s a commitment we want to keep every day.

 ITALIAN FASHION Jewelry is professional, technology-inspired jewelry design company that’s focused on its customers and meet their needs. We have successfully delivered all types of projects that have met and exceed our clients’ expectations. We are experienced in 3D CAD/CAM, concept design, laser welding and model making and sampling. 

 While we offer an array of services, they establish the basis to the multitude of successes we have had. We know our customers want creativity, experience, technical know-how, quick delivery and competitive pricing. We do everything we can to ensure that we give them these and more.